Hong Kong is a wonderful unique destination for travellers with a surprise around every corner. The former British colony that has been such a prominent part of Hong Kong for 100 years has now become a popular tourist attraction for many visitors. Hong Kong will dazzle you with its culture, buildings, nightlife, food, boats and size, and it all begins with one of the world’s best airports


There are many good bars and restaurants in Hong Kong which cater for a wide range of culinary tastes including Chinese, Asian, Cantonese and also Western dishes. Many restaurants are clustered in defined Dining Districts and these include Stanley, SoHo, Lamma Island and Lei Yue Mun. Dim Sum is possibly the best known Cantonese dish served throughout the day and typically in bamboo baskets with Chinese tea. If you’re going to use chopsticks try to avoid using them vertically in your bowl of rice as this is reminiscent of incense sticks burning with connotations of wishing death to people around you.