Hong Kong massage therapy


Many people suffer from chronic back and neck pain where some have ongoing pain that disrupt their daily physical activities. This condition not only will affect the physical health and well-being of the individual, it will also cause disturbance to their social and mental well-being too. The pain can affect work, daily routine and other daily activities which one get engage in.

Untreated muscle pains and aches that go on for months or even years can really dampen your moods. Chronic pain has been well-known for causing depression, especially if you have been told that it’s untreatable.

It is known that both the neck and back pain are among the most prevalent causes of pains and are able the major causes of disability, immobility and high medical cost. NewAge massage therapy helps you to better understand how your neck and back pain and how you can find options to treat them in a non-surgical and non-invasive approach.


  1. Step 1 -Hong Kong Massage Masseuse introduction. Touching another person is very personal and can be intrusive to some people even though they pay for a service that involves touching. Introductions remove the “stranger” component of the experience.
  2. Step 2 -Hong Kong Massage Masseuse Explain what type of massage we will be providing. This clarification either confirms the client of the service they requested or gives the client the opportunity to let us know what they really want or require.
  3. Step 3 -Hong Kong Massage Masseuse Explain the length of time that the massage will take. Explain how much time we will be spending on certain areas. This gives our client the opportunity to request more time being spent on one area over another.
  4. Step 4 -Hong Kong Massage Masseuse Confirm that the client does not have any medical conditions that may be irritated by a massage. If such a condition exists, we may request a doctor’s permission or have the client sign a waiver removing us from any possible liability of irritation to the condition. It is a “best business practice” to address this issue at the time the massage appointment is scheduled but is a good idea to follow up just before the massage itself.
  5. Step 5 -Hong Kong Massage Masseuse pressure Remind client before and after massage that they will need to drink plenty of water after massage in order to replenish hydration.
  6. Step 6 – Hong Kong Massage Masseuse Ask client if he or she prefers music or silence during the massage. One purpose of the massage is to make our clients feel relax and if music is a distracting agent for the client then our ultimate goal of providing quality service will not be met.
  7. Step 7 – Massages Masseuse can be conducted with or without clothing. If we offer massages to our clients where clothing is removed due to the use of oils or lotions, we will give our clients the opportunity to decide what type of clothing are most comfortable to remove. If a client is not comfortable removing undergarments, then the undergarments can remain on and we will do the service the best that we can while working around the undergarments. The client will benefit more if he or she is in a comfortable state.
  8. Step 8 – Hong Kong Massage Masseuse Ask our client for fragrant preferences or allergies to oils that we may be using. A sweet rose scent may be heavenly to some but can create severe migraines in others. Usually, we would choose to use unfragnant oil for the massage session.
  9. Step 9 – Hong Kong Massage Masseuse Ask our client if he or she has any questions. This gives them a bit of chance to feel control in an intimate situation.
  10. Step 10 -Hong Kong Massage Masseuse Leave the room so that client can undress. Allow two to five minutes for this. We will always knock before reentering in the event that our client removes garments slower than others. We will always keep the door unlocked at all times throughout the massage.
  11. Step 11 – Throughout the massage, we will keep one hand on our client at all times. This is comforting to the client. Constant touch is more soothing than the feeling of being touched sporadically or suddenly in various places.